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10 New Free Fonts

10 New Free Fonts

Prime Cambo Bitter Bira Rochester Cinzel Rationale Barkentina Lusitana Actor Ruthie


15 Free Fresh Fonts

Wayfinding Sans Tikal Sans Molesk SciFly Sans Daiichi YDXS Stiff Staff Sahara Sketchetik Thin Design Bondilera Airplane Habibi Selfa Bombardier


Free Icon Fonts (or pictograms)

Icon fonts are very useful while designing a website or web applications. Icon fonts are used as normal font, we can change the size and color.

20 Extremely good free fonts for your designs

20 Extremely good free fonts for your designs

Corki Download Maven Pro Download Nexa – Two Weights Download Rex Download Exo Download Noticia Text Download Hagin Download Intro Download Geared Download Graduate Download Stroke Download Znikomit Download RPM…


Free High Quality Fonts

Sánchez Font - Registration Required (2 Styles OTF) Sánchez is the Latinotype’s first display type family. It is a serif typeface belonging to the classification slab serif, or Egyptian, that bears…


60 Best Free Fonts To Use In Your Next Design Project

This post includes a compilation of  60 of the very best free fonts, which are suitable for logo design branding. Each font has been carefully hand picked, for you to…

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