20 Extremely good free fonts for your designs

20 Extremely good free fonts for your designs

Corki Download Maven Pro Download Nexa – Two Weights Download Rex Download Exo Download Noticia Text Download Hagin Download Intro Download Geared Download Graduate Download Stroke Download Znikomit Download RPM…


The Creation of a CSS3 Clickable, Rotating Menu

It incorporates a bunch of different CSS techniques, but is very experimental! The original idea was to have a button you pressed, which then launched a secondary ring to pop…


Bookblock: A Content Flip Plugin

A jQuery plugin that will create a booklet-like component that let’s you navigate through its items by flipping the pages. BookBlock is a jQuery plugin that can be used for…


Well Designed Web Designs for Your Inspiration

UZart Omnix CMS ePartner Krys Configurator 18th.me Petra24 Kpirek dh Livrenpoche

Responsive Design

jQuery Picture – A Responsive Image Plug-in

A jQuery plugin to help ease the transition to responsive images. Overview jQuery Picture is a tiny (2kb) plugin to add support for responsive images to your layouts. It supports…

Avgrund - jQuery Plug-in

An Interesting Concept for Modal Boxes and Popups

Avgrund is a jQuery plugin for modal boxes and popups. It uses interesting concept showing depth between popup and page. It works in all modern browsers and gracefully degrade in…


Socialist – A jQuery social media plugin

Socialist is a jQuery social plugin that creates a social stream (or social “wall”) from multiple social media feeds in one place. You can use it to pull content from…


Freetile – A plugin for jQuery

Freetile is a plugin for jQue­ry that en­ables the or­ganiza­tion of web­page con­tent in an ef­ficient, dynamic and re­spon­sive layout. It can be applied to a con­tain­er ele­ment and it…


Multiple Area Charts with D3.js

The D3.js website describes itself as “a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.” It is but one of many in the ever growing list of visual data JavaScript…


Full Screen Mode for Images & Videos

BigScreen is a simple library for using the JavaScript Full Screen API. BigScreen makes it easy to use full screen on your site or in your app. It smoothes out…

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