Montage – HTML5 Framework

Montage – HTML5 Framework


The Montage framework lets you develop rich HTML5 applications that use JavaScript both on the front-end via the browser, and back-end via Node.js. Montage is designed to allow you to develop applications optimized for today and tomorrow’s range of connected devices. You can build rich UIs in the client, and use a service-oriented back-end to handle data persistence and server-side logic. All using one language, and with the ability to have code reuse throughout the full stack. Montage opens a new world of opportunity for web developers.


  • 2-way Data Binding
  • Components and templates
  • Data persistence
  • Serialization
  • Event Management
  • Component draw cycle

Browser Support

Montage works best in modern browsers. The following browsers have been tested extensively:

  • Recent stable versions of Chrome
  • Safari 5.1
  • Android browser (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Safari mobile (iOS 5)

Recent versions of Firefox mostly work with minor issues. We hope to support IE 10 and Opera 12 but there’s work to be done on both sides.

Made with Montage

Home Page:

A couple examples of Apps built with Montage. Check out more sample Apps and demos.


Montage is Open Source.